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Our mesquite lumber and mesquite flooring can bring the beauty of the desert into your home. Arizona Desert Mesquite llc (ADM) is committed to being your reliable source for mesquite lumber, mesquite flooring, and other
fine mesquite products.

Mesquite Flooring

Mesquite Lumber &
Mesquite Flooring

Mesquite lumber is perfect for
almost any woodworking project.
Not only is mesquite harder than
most hardwoods (1.8 times harder
than red oak) but it is also the
most dimensionally stable
commercial hardwood available.

Mesquite's unique beauty is
another reason to use mesquite in
your furniture, cabinet, or door
project. “Highly figured” wood that is so rare in other hardwoods is very common in mesquite due to its struggle for existence in its harsh desert climate.

Mesqute Lumber

Mesquite Flooring

Our mesquite flooring also has an unheard of range of lengths. Our average length is over 3 feet while our competitors offer a range from 9 inches to 36 inches with a 20 inch average length for their mesquite flooring.
Mesquite's hardness and stability make it the perfect choice for that high traffic hardwood floor you have always wanted.

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